Get to Know Much about Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei.

Bishop Gideon Yoofi Titi-Ofei is seen as the leader of the next generation leaders in Ghana. An astute leadership coach, motivational speaker, a thinker, an entrepreneur and an author. He is a member of the National Peace Council and President of the Titi-Ofei Ministries, a multi-faceted ministry comprising a Pleasant Place Church, Pastors Mentoring Pastors, The League of Pastors, The Pastoral Leadership Institute and The Pleasant World Media.

As a pastoral entrepreneur he is the group CEO of Deoncross Group – a group of world class educational institutions including Almond Institute, Graduate School of Governance and Leadership, The Boardroom Institute, International Organisation for Capacity Building London, London School of Governance and Leadership and African Diplomatic and Policy Institute.

Bishop Titi Ofei’s personal mandate is to develop leaders from the church to the world and to win leaders from the world to the church.