Get to Understand the Mark 9:23’s Principle of faith

Faith is knowing what God will do what he has said he would do and acting on it.


In Numbers 23:19 and  Daniel 12 God is his word and the word is God. So if you as a believer want to know God, get to know his word.


Romans 10:17 makes us understand that  as we read God’s word, our faith is built in our spirit.


Acts 4:3 speaks of Peter who was full of faith and of power and he did great signs and wonders.


When we learn to give time and attention to the word of God we are able to manifest in the things of God.


Philip also acted in faith in Acts 8:5&6 and casted out demons and did many signs and wonders.


Other people who manifested in faith are the three Hebrew boys according to Hebrews 11:1.


It takes discipline to exercise faith. If you are not disciplined to know how to operate in faith you would not know how to exercise it.


As u exercise,  know that your faith would be tried just as stated in James 1:4


Know that until the word of God becomes personal to you ,  you cannot see any works. And also your faith  cannot be determined if you are not persistent and consistent.