Ghana Challenged For The Next-Level by Book Launch

A book titled “Positioning Ghana: Challenges and Innovations,” which spells out strategies needed to place Ghana’s development agenda on a higher pedestal, has been launched in Accra.Positioning Ghana_Challenges and Innovations

The book, edited by Professor Nana Araba Apt, an internationally recognized scholar and expert in human development issues in Africa, presents ideas from scholars, public officers and human development activists about strategies to help Ghana compete globally on all fronts.

With a focus on solutions, the book presents in-depth discussions on democracy and governance and examines selected policy planning in different government sectors: education, health, social protection, rural development, technology usage, and nation branding.

Although directly aimed at policy makers, it is also aimed at a much wider readership of academia and educators, journalists, human rights activists, and international development partners among others that have an interest in shaping Ghana’s future.

The 418-page book calls on government and policy planners to diversify policy actions in these sectors and be ready to accommodate private views on policy issues.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, Prof Apt said in essence, the book was about planning ideas and how the selected fields could better perform.

“It is about applying other means to achieve social goals, using local solutions to resolve perceived challenges,” she said.

“It is about how together Ghanaian citizens: scholars, civil societies, private and public officials imbued with a sense of patriotism and integrity and not just party card holders, can contribute to policy planning,” she added.

Prof Apt said the book was about helping Ghana plan realistically, devoid of partisan, political sentiments, for the role it would play globally.

She said Ghana needed to assess its future role in a global marketplace through well thought-out and well-designed Ghana-focused economic growth structures.