Ghana Christian University Pleads With University of Developmental Studies For Accra Campus

Dr. Nelson Ahlijah, Vice President of Ghana Christian University (CU) College at Amrahia in the Adentan Municipality, has appealed to the University of Development Studies (UDS), Tamale, to consider organising some of its Distance Education courses on the Ghana CU.

That, Dr. Ahlijah said, will benefit the Ghana CU financially, adding that the college will be able to pay part of its affiliation and other fees to the UDS. Dr. Nelson Ahlijah made the appeal in a report he read on behalf of the President of the Ghana CU, Dr. Manuel Adjei, on the occasion of the 9th Congregation of the 49th Graduation of the university college.

In addition, he said, the University College had submitted six more proposed degree programmes to the UDS, its mentoring university, for approval. He told the 134 graduating students and their families that the school had entered into a number of partnership agreements with some institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for development, hence, he pleaded with the UDS to expedite the accreditation of the new six programmes it had sent for evaluation and clearance.

Dr. Nelson Ahlijah mentioned that the school had obtained accreditation for a BSc. Degree in Nursing, with seven pioneering students already indexed with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.

Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye, Vice-Chancellor, University of Development Studies (UDS), Tamale, who was the Guest of Honour at the graduation, in his response to the appeal by the Ghana CU, agreed, and said that the school will soon open its Accra Campus in the Ghana Christian University (CU) College at Amrahia.

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The Ghana CU is affiliated to the UDS for its Bachelor of Arts (BA) Development Management programmes. The UDS Vice-Chancellor praised the education system at the Ghana CU, adding that its serene learning environment makes it one of the best in Ghana.

Observing those qualities as the attraction to students all over the country and West Africa, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye said those qualities give the UDS the urge to open its Accra Campus at the Ghana CU, where some of its long distance and sandwich programmes could be offered.

Not only does the effective management of the universities lie in the hands of the mentoring university, but in everybody, including the lecturers, university staff, students and parents.

He, therefore, said that the UDS is preparing to open its Accra Campus in Ghana CU, and urged the lecturers to come out with effective materials that can be helpful in boosting the curriculum of the university to produce graduates with creative minds to employ themselves, rather than seek public or other people’s employment.

Turning to the graduating students, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye charged them to reflect the core values the college taught them. Ghana and West Africa, he added, are looking up to the graduates for their contributions towards their transformational agenda. The 49th Graduation was held on the theme ‘Celebrating excellence in Transformational Service’.