Ghana Had Been Elevated To Serve, Rev. Prof. Enoch Agbozo

Reverend Professor Enoch Immanuel Agbozo, the Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society, said Ghana had been elevated to serve as a centre for divine light, peace and glory for Africa.

He said there was victory and hope for Africa and that Ghana had been commissioned and equipped with the vision to ensure that this hope came into fruition.

Rev. Prof. Agbozo said this in Accra at a church service to mark the Africa Union Day.

He said a new day had begun for Africa which had been in captivity from sin and idolatry to be totally redeemed from this darkness.

“God, in His kindness and mercy, had set Africa free, redeemed and restored her from the bondage of darkness.” Rev Prof. Agbozo said.

He said the divine redemption mission, which had been accomplished in Ghana, mandated her to help reconcile, redeem and deliver Africa from that captivity.

He urged African chiefs, leaders and governments to accept and acknowledge the goodness and mercy of God for His blessings to be bestowed on the continent and make her great.