Ghana Is A Nation Of Disappointments…But There Is Hope – Dr. Mensah Otabil

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Known for his sharp comments as well as his excellent motivational messages, the Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil has stated that Ghana has become a country of disappointment.
Mensa Otabil made this comment at this year’s springboard national convocation in Accra. The motivational speaker, recently voted as Ghana’s most influential personality said  “For most people of my age, we have always had hope of greatness for our country, but unfortunately the older we get the more that hope gets dimmed.”
“When I was young I believed Ghana will be great, as I get older I pray Ghana will be great, I pray so because we keep disappointing ourselves.
“We disappoint ourselves. We have the great opportunities and we disappoint ourselves: we had gold we disappointed ourselves; we had cocoa we disappointed ourselves; we have oil, we are disappointing ourselves,” he observed.
Dr. Otabil, however, said all hope is not lost. “…There is hope for the future because there are young men and women who, hopefully will build a better life.”
“Your generation must determine that you will be different and to be different you must be different now. You have to determine: ‘I will not bow to pressure, I will not lie, I will not cheat, I will not steal…”
Indeed, there is hope for the future.