Ghana Peace Campaign Initiative Launched

An initiative to promote national harmony: “I Pledge for Peace Campaign Ghana,” has been launched to create and sustain awareness about the need to pursue continuous peace and stability as the country’s polls inch up.

The project aims at mobilizing one million Ghanaians to append their signatures on the mantra: “I pledge for peace.”

Values for Life and Security Warehouse are the two leading organizations championing the campaign to inform the electorate, Presidential and Parliamentary nominees to carry out decorous electioneering to curtail repeat of the last elections dispute.

“We are all aware the 2012 general election bequeathed the nation with so much anxiety that given the change one will not expect to go through a similar experience come November 2016,” Dr Doreen Owusu-Fianko, Chairperson for Safety and Security Initiative said at the launch.

“A safe and a secure enabling environment is a sine qua non for the development of every nation and peace is one important element in this equation,” she said.

She quoted the United Nations High Commission for Refugees as saying that there had been 15 wars during elections, out of which nine are from Africa, hence the need for peace throughout Ghana’s election period.

“Even more critical for us is living in a time and in a sub- region embroiled with major concerns for peace and security. It is imperative, therefore, that we strive to ensure peaceful elections because peace is God’s idea and forms the basis for national development,” she said.

Dr Owusu-Fianko noted that: “Peace secures the future and the destinies of nations, peace builds unity and togetherness, a disruptive election destroys lives and properties.

“Disruptive election impoverishes not just a people, but many generations to come, it leads to an uncertain future for the children and the youth, trained and productive human capital is lost and many more setbacks ensured.”

She cautioned political power seekers not to see this year’s elections as “a-do-or-die affair nor is it winning power at any cost”.

“In a few months or weeks we shall all be taking a decision that can make or break our nation. It is not about character assassination or inciting one group against another, it is a battle of ideas, a battle of winning the hearts and minds of the electorate.”

She noted that elections are about credibility, integrity and trust in the candidates and the team with the requisite competency to efficiently manage the nation’s scare resources for the betterment of the people.

The chairperson observed that the conduct of politicians and party members is crucial in ensuring peaceful and successful elections and urged members of the society to start with “I pledge for peace campaign Ghana”.