Ghanaians Must Celebrate Their Own – Rev. Owusu Bempah

Earlier this morning in an interview on Neat 100.9 FM, the very Rev. Owusu Bempah was asked his views on T.B Joshua’s prophecy concerning a terror attack which is to hit the nation, Ghana on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday if prayers are not lifted up for the nation.

On the view whether he agrees to the prophecy, he stated, “I certainly will speak nothing against such prophecy because earlier during our 31st Watchnight Service in 2015, I stood on my pulpit in the presence of the congregation that if care is not taken, a national terror will hit the nation out of the blues which will lead to loss of lives and properties hence we as Christians must pray for the nation”

He further argued that even though he does not personally agree with T.B Joshua as being a true prophet of God he believes his prophecy based on what he already declared to the members of his church at that 31st Watchnight Service.

He explained, that the things of the spirit are made known to anyone who has the eyes to see into the realms of the spirit. That the traditional ‘witch doctor’ can also see into that realm and come out with such a word which will come to pass. This he said to argue out his bases on not acknowledging T.B Joshua as a true servant of God.

He, however, thanked the security officials for their coming out with stringent measures to curb this issue and edged Christians to pray for the nation. Explaining that prayer is very necessary, not just security measures which are only in the physical realm. For the prophecy is in the spirit realm and it will take the power of prayer to avert it.

More so, he expressed his grievances of how the nation has been in such a state of unrest since the pronouncement of this prophetic word. To extent that government has taken it serious because it came from T.B Joshua. Whilst in countless times great men of God over the years have come out with several prophetic words for the nation but have not been taken serious and even chastised upon.

“Ghanaians must learn to appreciate their men of God because God ordained such great men to proclaim His word in this nation,” this was his closing remarks.