This is a disgrace to all of the millions of people of color who idolize you

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J.D. Jakes featured on the WE TV reality series, “Braxton Family Value” where he        encouraged the feuding family of singers to stick together.

“The toxicity is nauseating. If you were my daughter, I would go ballistic.  They’d have to cut the cameras off”, said Jakes to Toni, Tamar, Trina, Track and Towanda Braxton during a recent episode of the show.

“This is a disgrace to all of the millions of people of color who idolize you, who wish their family could get out and get along enough to get a shot like you guys. And to see you climb all the way up here and talk to each other like this. It hurts in place beyond your family”.

He continued:” You’re spoiled. You’re flat-out spoiled. I deal with people who have real problems – people who are losing their limbs, who need a kidney transplant – and those families go through that with more dignity than you go through who stand on stage? ”

After expressing disgust over their recent behavior,  Jakes used the power of Gospel music to bring the Braxton sisters together. He asked them to sing something for him and they followed by performing an Acapella version of the Lord’s Prayer together.

This brought their mother, Evelyn Jackson, to tears and elicited an inspirational response from Jakes.

“That’s what families do,” said Jakes to the Braxton sisters. “We can laugh and love and lift each other up. That’s how we survive. You can’t stop doing that. I don’t care who did what. You are still family