Go With the Flow! By: Gloria Copeland

    This world is constantly plagued by shortages. Have you ever noticed that?
    It seems everybody is always running short of something. You never hear anyone say, “Oh my, I have more time than I need…I have more money than I can use…I have so many solutions, I’m having to hunt problems just to keep up!” Such words sound ridiculous in a world ruled by scarcity and lack. Yet, the truth is, those are the kinds of words you and I should be saying all the time.

    After all, as born-again children of God, we don’t belong to this pitiful world. We’re in it, Jesus said, but we’re not of it (John 17:15-16). We belong to the kingdom of God—and there are no shortages in that kingdom. It has an abundant supply of any resource you could ever need. Many believers never tap into those resources because they think God’s kingdom is just a religious concept, a theological theory. But it’s not.

    It’s real—and we can live in it.

    Actually, the word kingdom means “dominion.” God’s kingdom is where God has dominion. Of course, since God has absolute dominion in heaven, every child of God will ultimately enjoy the blessings of His kingdom. But, praise God, we don’t have to wait until we get to heaven! If we’ll give God dominion in our lives here and now, we can experience “days of heaven upon the earth” (Deuteronomy 11:21). “But Gloria, I just don’t understand how that’s possible. Everything in this world around us is falling apart. There’s nothing heavenly about it!”
    True. That’s why Christians who depend on this world aren’t doing very well these days. They’re limiting themselves to the world’s technology, abilities and answers, and they’re getting the world’s results.

    In other words, they’re looking to the outside instead of looking on the inside.

    As a believer, everything you will ever need and everything God has ever promised is on the inside of you right now. The extra $500 a month you need for your family is in there. The new car you need is in there. The healing you need, the answers you need, the miracles you need—all of them are right there in your heart. How can I be so sure? Because God Himself lives in you. He came to dwell there the moment you were born again—and He is the source of all things.

    His Spirit is a wellspring of life, bubbling up continually within you. And unlike the wells of the world, this one never runs dry! Jesus Himself assured us of that in John 4, where He said, “Whosoever drinketh of this [natural world’s] water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life” (verses 13-14).

    Just think about that! Through the supernatural spring of His Spirit, God is continually imparting to us strength and power, guidance and counseling. He is providing us with a reservoir that will keep us fully supplied, not according to the meager resources of this earth, but according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). All we have to do is step into the Holy Spirit’s flow and we’ll have everything we need.
    The problem is, most people (Christians included) don’t know anything about that divine flow. So they just paddle around in the natural stream of things trying to keep their heads above water as the circumstances and shortages of the world drag them under.

    But it’s time for us to get wise! It’s time to stop going with the flow of the natural, worldly things around us, and to start going with the flow of the Spirit instead.