God is still in the miracle working business as 2-month-old baby found alive after being buried by the mother

A two months old baby buried in an uncompleted building by mother was found alive at Elimina-Bantuma in the Central Region.

This was discovered by laborers who had gone to their site that morning to work.

According to them, “We were packing cement blocks. One of the guys called us to come and look at the hands of a baby. Yes, we were only seeing the hands out of the small grave. He was dying. We were told to relax for the police to come. But we couldn’t. He had been chewed by insects with fluid coming from his nose…” they told Accra-based Adom FM.

Based on his narration, the mother of this baby is nowhere to be found and doubt if she lives in the same vicinity. There’s actually an investigation going to trace the mother of the baby by the police.  God indeed works in mysterious ways.