Godly Parenting


Ecclesiastes 1:8 – ”…the eyes never has enough seeing, nor the ear it’s fill of hearing.”

A parent hired a nanny to help with the daily runs of the house. Due to change in work schedules. Which sometimes demanded him traveling a lot. The nanny was also supposed to handle his son while he was out.
He came home late one night and decided to check on his son. But something struck him after he took an earpiece out of his son’s ears to hear what he was listening to while he slept.
This made him go further into his son’s phone. Fear having a grip over him, he realized his son was actually filling himself with a whole bunch of negative language,music and company.
He then began to analyze his role as a father. And wondered what his generation was going to be filled with from the upbringing of his son.

This story in relation to the scripture above shows the impact of what we see and hear. Even as adults, it takes time together with a right mindset to be able to avoid and let go of some stuffs we’ve heard or seen.
Making children the most vulnerable in situations as this. Since they are now developing their selves in this environment.

It is then important to take on the responsibility given to every parent and guardian in the Lord.
…Train up your child the way he should go…’
Always remember, your moments and experiences with your children in the Lord matters. Instead of preparing the world (wealth, luxury,etc) for them, why not prepare them for the world (courageous, not easily broken,etc). 

If you find it difficult to figure out what to do, pray to God, and read His word. As He guides you every step of the way. Stay blessed!