God’s Passion for His People: From Singing To Song by Sam Storms

God’s passionate yearning for you can be both tumultuous and tranquil, both celebrative and calm—one moment a party, the next, silent and placid. What imagery! What beauty! I’m stirred by the vision of a husband and wife of fifty years, sitting quietly together at night, rarely speaking, the only sound that of the crackling wood in the fireplace. They are mum, not because of some emotional barrier between them, but because they know each other so well and are so comfortable in the other’s presence that words would disrupt the serenity and tenderness of the moment.

I’m stirred with thoughts of a mother tenderly embracing her young child, rocking gently, softly caressing her forehead, an occasional light kiss on her cheek, without so much as a syllable to disturb the intimacy of her love for that child. Such is God’s love for you! Palmer Robertson is right. “To consider Almighty God sinking in contemplations of love over a once-wretched human being can hardly be absorbed by the human mind.”

From Silence to Song

If it were possible to eavesdrop on solar systems millions of light-years away, would we hear anything? Is there sound in space? I believe there is one voice that would indeed be heard, one all-consuming, dominant, deafening, reverberating sound. Even now, in the farthest reaches of infinity, among the trillions and trillions of stars yet unseen by human eyes, echoes forth the passionate voice of the Father, singing about His love for you and me.
Loudly and lively, God shouts with joy over His children. He fills the black holes with the light of His love and sings the stars to sleep with lullabies about you.
It isn’t extraterrestrial life-forms that NASA would discover, but the glorious presence of Life Himself, singing in love for His people. Are you intrigued by the thought of God singing? It makes you wonder: Is He a baritone or a bass?


-The Singing God