Claim God’s Promises for Your Marriage Part 2

God's promises for my marriage
God makes many promises throughout the Bible. And you and your spouse can rely on every one of them, because the power of a promise depends on the one who makes it. There’s no better promise to trust than one made by God Himself.


Claiming God’s promises together will unleash His power in your marriage. Please read the Part 1 of this article.
HereĀ are some ways you can claim God’s promises…


Peace: Know that peace comes through trusting God and living in obedience to Him. Take whatever issues are troubling you individually and as a couple to God in prayer, turning them over to Him. Confess sins that may be blocking your intimacy with God and the peace that results. Whenever you’re tempted to worry about anything, pray about it instead. Rely on God’s guidance and strength to work through your problems together.


Power: Understand that Jesus doesn’t promise you worldly positions of power and authority. He promises you something greater – spiritual power. Realize the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit and relying on the Spirit’s constant counsel in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to guard against sin in your marriage and other parts of your life. Witness to others by letting them see God’s powerful work in your life. Follow God’s call into service opportunities with the confidence that He will empower you to fulfill them well.


Presence: Trust that God will always be present with you, no matter what. Don’t worry about your spouse when you’re apart, and don’t lean too much on each other when you’re together. Remember that God is looking out for both of you. Be aware of God’s constant presence with you, and communicate with Him throughout each day in prayer.


Provision: Thank God for the ways He has provided for you, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. Take heart that He has promised to give you everything you truly need. Remember that you and your spouse have the responsibility to be good stewards of all God has entrusted to you; strive to do a good job. Be content with what God has given you. Give back to God a portion of what He has provided to you. Develop and stick to a budget. Discuss how you can cut expenses. Wait on major purchases until you pray about them.


Purpose: Know that God’s purpose gives meaning and significance to your marriage and entire life. Recognize that His plans are unique for you. Patiently wait for God to fully reveal His purpose for your life. Be faithful where you are in life right now as you await His guidance for your next steps. Understand that it’s part of each person’s purpose to come to repentance for sins, live a pure life, act as His witnesses to other people, and be transformed more and more into Jesus’ image. Know that part of each spouse’s purpose is to love and respect his or her partner. Realize that part of each parent’s purpose is to care for and spiritually train his or her children.


Rest: Recognize that rest is a gift from God that is important for a balanced life. As a couple, evaluate your schedules to determine whether or not you’re each getting adequate rest. Cut back on anything that’s preventing you from getting the sleep and recreation you need. Take regular vacations and cultivate a hobby that has nothing to do with your regular job. Through prayer, give your burdens to Jesus – the only One who is strong enough to carry them.


Self-Discipline: Rely on God’s promised help to control your attitudes and actions so you can be faithful in your marriage and entire life. Actively seek to develop godly discipline. Deal promptly with sin such as anger and laziness. Memorize Scripture and meditate on it to renew your mind. Monitor what you see and dwell on, since your eyes are the gateway to your mind. Avoid media that corrupts your thinking. Keep your body fit. Ask God to help you achieve a healthy balance between your work and home lives. Develop and stick to a budget.


Strength. Understand that Jesus is the source of your strength; He is the reason you can do all things in the spiritual realm. Stay closely connected to Him through prayer and living an obedient life. Surround yourself with people you trust who will help hold you accountable in your walk of faith. Exercise your faith by trusting God for your needs, praying and anticipating God’s answers, relying on God’s strength in your weakness, believing God’s promises in the midst of trials, being a consistent witness to your beliefs, and standing up for your faith in all situations.


Success: Celebrate the fact that you can be successful in your marriage and every other aspect of your life, by God’s measurements, if you: study the Bible consistently, ponder what it says, and apply it completely. Survey your heart and honestly assess the standards by which you may be judging your own level of success. Then allow God to align your values with His. Evaluate your level of obedience to God’s Word. Surrender your practices that don’t reflect the faithfulness God desires of you.


Victory: Rejoice that God has given you and your spouse certain victory over sin and death if you each have a saving relationship with Jesus. Acknowledge that your current spiritual setbacks are only skirmishes in the larger spiritual war of resisting evil and growing closer to Jesus. Recognize that sin in your life is an affront to a holy God, and deal with sin seriously. Acknowledge the strong hold evil can have over you and others, and don’t be caught off-guard. Pray often for God’s strength to do the right thing. Know God’s Word and recall verses that apply to situations in which you find yourself. Flee temptation. Be accountable to your spouse and others you trust and respect. Ask them to pray for you to be faithful in your attitudes and actions. Remember that you and your spouse are a team, and if God is your coach, you’ll win in life.


Wisdom: Know that God is the ultimate source of wisdom. Desire the wisdom He gives, and pray for it. Continue to seek it every day, since your marriage and other parts of your life are constantly changing.


Worth: Realize that you are of great worth because you’re one of God’s beloved children. Base your worth on your identity in Christ. Thank God that, even though the physical materials of your body aren’t worth much, He has given you a priceless soul. Understand that your limitations are actually gifts because they force you to trust God. Accept your limitations and use them as reasons to rely more on God’s strength. Know that God never makes a mistake, so you can trust His work in your life and that of your spouse. Understand that your marriage is worthwhile because it helps you both learn to love more deeply.


-Powerful Promises for Every Couple (Elizabeth George)