God’s Purpose in Vision

Action Steps to Fulfilling Vision by myles munroe
July 1

We have seen that God has given us authority over the earth and communion with Him through our prayer lives.


Our destiny on this earth is to rule with Christ through prayer. God has also given each of us specific purposes to fulfill in life. These purposes come to us in the form of a vision or plan for our lives that God places within our hearts. It is His gift to us—to allow us to fulfill our roles in His kingdom on earth.

The second half of this devotional book will therefore focus on discovering your personal vision for life. I am excited to share these biblical principles on vision, for they will enable you to realize your destiny!


Through these devotionals, you will understand why vision is essential to your success, identify your vision’s goals and stay on course, overcome obstacles to your vision, develop a specific plan for achieving your vision, and live for the purpose you were meant to fulfill in God’s kingdom.


Why should we focus on vision and destiny? Because God has an exciting plan for your life! You are a joint-heir with Christ (see Romans 8:16–17), and you were created with God-given authority to rule the earth with Him.


My desire is that you will be inspired, motivated, and challenged to fulfill your dream. I want you to achieve your greatest in God’s purpose for your life.
Father, please open my heart to the principles of vision. My desire is to discover Your purpose for my life and to walk in it. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Thought: God has given each of us specific purposes to fulfill in life.


Reading: Job 20–21; Acts 10:24–48


-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional (Myles Munroe)