Gospel Musicians – VGMA Alleged Bribery!

Some Ghanaian gospel musicians are seriously offended by the comments of George Quaye, Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, organisers of VGMAs (Vodafone Ghana Music Awards).

Ohemaa Mercy and OJ have stated that they would return all their plaques if George Quaye refuses to mention names of artistes, who tried to bribe him. According to them, the allegation mars the gospel music industry. 

Anita Afriyie has called on her counterparts to return their Awards to purge themselves of acquiring them through bribery.

Cwesi Oteng has also responded to the said allegation by calling on all gospel artistes to boycott the VGMAs.

During a live radio discussion, George Quaye reportedly indicated that Cwesi’s posture seems to suggest he “wants an opportunity to be relevant again.” This comment provoked the gospel artiste to the extent that, he heaved insults at him. George Quaye has however, apologised to Cwesi Oteng.

Entertainmentgh.com reported that George Quaye had said that gospel artistes offered him bribe in exchange for picking awards.

Come to think of it; why would you pay to receive an award? The Bible states it clearly in Matthew 7:20, “By their fruits, you shall know them.”

Dear musicians, let your works speak for you!

Written by: VickieAmoah