Greater Accra records 10,000 teenage pregnancy cases

Teenage pregnancy is still a problem in both urban and rural Ghana. Teenage pregnancy involves girls between the ages of 13 – 19 years of age.

Greater Accra recorded a total 10,000 teenage pregnancy cases in 2015.

This was revealed by the Regional director of Health, Dr. Linda Van Otoo, at the just ended annual health review for the Greater Accra Region.
“The sad thing is that we have children as young as 10 to 14 years also becoming pregnant and though we see a reduction it is still not acceptable,” she stated.

Teenage Pregnancy remains a major concern to health professionals. The canker comes at a time the country is struggling to deal with child marriage.
Dr Linda Van Otoo said her outfit is also seeking to find out what proportion of these teenagers are married.
“That will help in addressing child marriages,” she said.

The Regional director of Health, stressed the need for swift action to deal with the twin problem.

The problem of teenage pregnancy shows a loosening of the moral fiber of our nation Ghana. Churches in Ghana must speak against Fornication and child marriages. In Ghana today, sleeping with your boyfriend has become a normal practice. Parents are pretending not to know and Christians are turning a blind eye to this problem.

Everyone must work together to fight the twin problems of teenage pregnancy and child marriage in Ghana.