Growing in the Grocery Store : Gloria Copeland

Young plant growing in sunshine(Shallow Dof)
You see, you don’t have to wait for a major trial to hit before you let patience have her perfect work. You can practice patience in those small but irritating situations you encounter every day.
I ran into one such situation just the other day in the grocery store. I was in a hurry when I went to check out so I chose the express line. There were only a couple of people in it and they just had a few items to buy so I didn’t think it would take long.
But that clerk was so slow! As my frustration mounted I thought, They ought to put a sign here that says Slow Motion Line!
What was that? An opportunity to exercise patience.
Such opportunities are important because when you exercise patience, it grows. If you’ll use it in small things, it will be strong enough to handle the bigger things when they come along. Every fruit of the Spirit increases in you as you exercise it.
Remember that the next time some little aggravation is about to make you lose your temper. Instead of saying, “I’ve had it,” say, “No, in Jesus’ Name, I choose to yield to the force of patience God has put within me. I believe I’ll just count this slow grocery store line to be a joy and use it as an opportunity to grow!”
-Well Worth the Wait