Happy About Fulfilling Your True Purpose By Cyril Rayan

There is a specific and unique purpose for each human being who is born on this earth.

Jesus had a specific purpose for his life. His disciples were simple people, fishermen and tax collectors; they were not men of vaunted nobility. Yet Jesus knew His purpose, which in turn influenced His disciples to join hands with Him to fulfill this purpose. Jesus truly is the greatest leader and a model for leadership. In fact, we’ll be using his leadership style and stories as examples throughout this book. Jesus has impacted and influenced billions of people around the world.

As He continues to influence billions today, He is an undeniably good choice as a model leader. Your Unique Purpose Everyone has leadership opportunities. Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individuals will influence ten thousand other people during his or her lifetime. That means that all of you are leading in some areas, while following in others. In the creation account God said “Let Us make man in our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 

God created man to have dominion on the earth. Leadership does not mean that you are the boss, but it means that you have the responsibility to use the talents and skill set with which you have been blessed. Leadership is needed to have order in whatever you do, whether it be at a company, a church, in the family, at school, or wherever people are gathered together in order to achieve something. “All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose,” says John W. Gardner, former secretary of the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

Recognizing your God-given purpose in life will propel you and motivate you to run the race to accomplish this purpose. You can’t expect to accomplish your purpose or have others join you if you don’t know the specific path you are meant to take. As God has created you, He is the one who knows this path and your true purpose. Each of you, therefore, should ask God for your unique purpose in life. Finding your unique purpose is vitally important to building a team to accomplish your purpose. In which areas are you a leader and in which areas are you a follower? What is the God-given purpose for your life? (If you are still seeking God to identify the God-given purpose, say so!). What is the vision that will accomplish this purpose? Write the vision clearly. (Keep it succinct, you should be able to write it on paper. Take your time. As George Bernard Shaw said, “I wrote you a long letter as I did not have time to write a short one

Final words from a man who is still running with his vision As I am sitting here in my home in San Jose with my friend and writing coach Frank, I look back to my opening statements. I really hope to have accomplished just one thing, which is to have inspired you to find your purpose and God given vision and decide to take action. Not many act… I trust you will be different. To know your true purpose from God you need to have a relationship with God. I am not talking about joining a church or finding religion.

Would you pray with me?

Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, I ask you to come into my heart, I make you my LORD and Savior. Please guide me to accomplish my true purpose. If you prayed that prayer, I believe that you have been “born again”. I encourage you to attend a good Bible-based Church. God Bless You.


– The Transition from Vison to Reality