HE PROMISED by Colan L. Hiatt

In God’s Word, many promises abound

To those who put their trust in Him

Resting upon what He has proclaimed

He will guide us when the way is grim


He promised, those who seek shall find

And a door is opened, if we but knock

It’s the Father’s pleasure

To give the kingdom, to the little flock


He promised, the labourer and heavy laden

Rest for their weary soul

And that the humble, shall be exalted

When true commitment, is their goal


He promised, to never leave or forsake

Those devoted to His plan

A lamp to our feet – a light to our path

Guiding us throughout life’s span


He promised, that all who come to Him

Will not be a castaway

Giving assurance, to the faint-of-heart

When the adversary, would lead astray


He promised, that if for His purpose

We are called, and abide in Him

All things work, together for our good

At times when choices seem so slim


He promised, that no temptation

Will be greater than we can bear

But an escape route it shall provide

Delivering us from the tempter’s snare


He promised, that when walking through

The valley of the shadow of death

No evil I will have to fear

When I am taking that final breath