Tracy, a midwife went to the bank to withdraw some money. At the bank, a security officer, Frank, decided to assist her, collects her cheque, bypass the long queue and hands it over to the teller, Mrs. Angel behind the counter.
Mrs. Angel questioned why Frank collected Tracy’s cheque and immediately ordered him to give the cheque back.
So Tracy decided to plead with Mrs. Angel but to her outermost surprise, harsh words and insults rained.
“What kind of competent midwife does this?”  Mrs. Angel questioned.
” This is indiscipline! I will not allow a midwife of your caliber to come closer to me or even deliver me. You will kill me. Just join the queue!” She added.
Tracy shamefully left the banking hall.
Two months later, a pregnant woman was rushed into the clinic where Tracy works as the head midwife. She happened to be Mrs. Angel, the teller who had insulted and questioned her competency as a midwife.
So Tracy calmly took her ANC booklet and writes, “Client doubts my competency and feels I will kill her”. She fills a referral form and gives to Mrs. Angel’s relatives to be sent to a different facility.
Mrs. Angel delivered her baby on the way to another available health facility. Unfortunately, she bled profusely and died on arrival.
The family of Mrs. Angel is now in court seeking for justice.
Tracy is charged of refusing care and murder.
What is the possibility of the family winning the case?
Did Tracy actually refuse care?
Was Tracy’s actions right? If right, why? If not, why not?
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