Here is What you Should do to Effect a Change in your Situation.

Jeremiah 30:19 & 20 has a great message for you today and that is to tell you to begin to glorify God for what he has done.There are many people God wants to use but to use them,it would take your thanksgiving and testimony to do that. Do not hold back your testimony,your situation is better than somebody’s.

Do not let shyness of the crowd rid you of your testimony-John 11:40. did you know that what ever you do not glorify God in your life cannot be changed? Take a look at Genesis 37:9 where God gave a dream about Perez Chapel International and today,it is a reality.

Deuteronomy 8:9 tells us we have the keys to solve a problem and God has given that to us in Isaiah 48:17 also.If God wants his people to undertake a project,he first of all blesses them-1st Kings 3:13.

When God touches your work,it changes everything so work harder. 7.2 billion people are in the world today according to population count and 2.6 billion are Christians;if we are focused on our greatest assignment God gave us which is to make disciples of all nations things will change for us all.