I remember times I desired to do certain things, go certain places, be a certain way but did not. Thanks to different reasons. Sometimes it was the authorities over me – my parents of course – who told me not to and responded to my requests with an emphatic ‘no’ or a silent ‘don’t;’ even ‘ask’ stamped into place by a previous lecture or response to some other request. Sometimes, I lacked the resources to execute that desire.

I remember sometimes wanting to be with some people, but those people did not want to be with me.

I remember also looking at people in my class or specific community doing certain things and going unrestrained and not even having that desire to do or go.

It would be so easy to sit back, point fingers and play judge to others who indulged and have turned out a little different from the way I turned out. But it occurs to me that it was not me who kept me. I have come to see that God hid me…sometimes in the form of a denial, a rejection or a lack. In whatever form it came, I believe He was hiding me.

You didn’t turn out the way James did? Carol was locked up but you walk free. Be careful not to turn up your nose, point a finger and pass a verdict and judgement. It was not because of your strength you remain as you are. It is because Someone hid you in plain view. I bet you did not know you were ‘undercover’ and enjoying ‘witness protection’ huh?!

Now, I understand that…and that He continues to hide me and mine…and that, my dear friend, is a commonplace miracle!

Written by: IH