Holy Spirit Heals Mental Man

The miraculous power of Jesus Christ reaches even the most remote areas in the world, healing the sick and extending the message of salvation to people who have long been kept in the dark by their extreme poverty and primitive existence.

In a recent report, the Christian Aid Mission told the story of a mentally ill man from a remote tribe in India who not only regained full control of his mental faculty but also found salvation after knowing Christ and embracing Him.

This was just the beginning of a bigger miracle. After the man named Pratik found salvation in Christ, other villagers from various remote areas also converted to Christianity, leading to a chain-reaction of Christian conversion.


It all started in Chhattisgarh, one of India’s poorest and most illiterate states, according to a report by Christian Aid Mission.

The man responsible for spreading the Word of God in this part of the world was a local Indian missionary named Siddharth, a man gripped with the passion of introducing Christ to the thousands of people in the hinterlands of India, according to God Reports.

Pastor Siddharth began his outreach mission with the impoverished Gonds people of central India who are idol- and nature-worshiping animists. Armed with the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit, he and his team of local missionaries found a way to introduce Jesus Christ to the Gond villagers, turning their addiction to alcohol into a zeal for the Lord, according to Christian Aid Mission.

Siddharth and his team went to various remote areas in India and successfully planted 50 churches.

One of their new Christian converts turned out to be a friend of Pratik. After his friend told him about Siddharth’s conversion work, Pratik was so consumed by a desire to know more about Jesus that he walked 31 miles of jungle paths and dirt roads to reach the church where Siddharth was holding his ministry.

“He heard about the Lord Jesus Christ through one of his friends, and he wanted to know more about the Lord,” Siddharth told Christian Aid Mission.

Upon reaching the church and meeting Siddharth, Pratik was overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit. The members of the church surrounded him in prayer for his healing.

“The Lord delivered him from the mental illness, and he has become completely normal!” Siddharth exclaimed.

Pratik put his faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and he became a new person in Christ.

“After tasting the love and deliverance of our Lord Jesus Christ, he started visiting the villages in a 15-kilometer radius and preached the Gospel, telling what the Lord had done in his life,” Siddharth said.


“Within six months he has planted five congregations in five villages, and in a few other villages he has brought one or two families to Christ. During my last visit to his village, the Lord enabled me to baptise more than 50 people” in Korwa, a town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the pastor added.

Through the ministry of Pratik and another local missionary, more than 400 people from Korwa came to know Christ, he said.