Honoring Your Wife Brings You Success – Joseph Prince

    When I first married Wendy, I was very ambitious about the church and my ministry. I didn’t want to have a church that never grew and where the people were lifeless. I wanted a church that is happening and on fire for Jesus.

    So I got hold of books and tapes on church growth. I listened to the tapes and read the books. Yet, the church didn’t grow as fast as it did over the recent years. Why?

    Because I had believed in a lie from the devil. The devil says that to have career success, you must focus on your career. The Bible, however, tells us otherwise. It says that we are to give honor to our wives (1 Peter 3:7), not our careers!

    The word “honor” in 1 Peter 3:7 is kabod in Hebrew. It means “heavy weight”. In other words, if I honor my wife, I give weight or value to her presence. I also give weight to her words.

    So I began to see that I was doing it wrong. I was giving my ministry weight and making light of Wendy and her words. We had just gotten married and those were some of the toughest times in our marriage because I was focusing on the ministry and church. I came to a place where I felt like a hypocrite and I didn’t like it. I had to make a choice—either I pursued the ministry or my wife.

    I said, “God, if this church never becomes a success, I don’t care. I am going to honor my wife. I am going by Your Word that says, ‘Give her honor.’”

    From then on, I gave weight to her and what she said. And amazing things started to happen. As I honored my wife, God propelled me and my ministry!

    So guys, if you want career success, honor your wives. The more you honor your wives, the more your careers will be on track and the more success will seek you out!



    -Secrets to Manly Leadership