How can Worship be coated with obedience and love?

To my understanding, worship is not just the songs we sing in church. To me worship is an experience of our intimate relationship with God which is seen in our daily walk and deeds and our response to His word. Our response to His commandments, our response to the assignmnet given to us.

Worship to me is the yearning in our heart to want to please him not just by singing but by offering our very lives as a sacrifice. Jesus Christ is our example and our perfect worshipper. His worship was seen in His love towards mankind and His obedience unto death even the death of the cross. Wherefore God gave him a name Which is above every other name.

The highest kind of Worship is obedience.The important part of worship is that, it prepares you and enables you to zero in on the important things that must be done for God.Every great deed done in the church of Christ all the way back to the apostle Paul was done with people blazing with the radiant worship of their God.

A survey of church History proves that it was those who were the yearning worshippers also became the great workers of the field of souls. Worship does not stop in our song ministerations and just singing songs. Infact singing of songs i call it Praise.

Worship is way beyond the lip. Worship is purely sacrifice( giving of ourselves) provoked by obedience coated in love.

If you are worshipper and you go through the whole year without even winning a soul or interceeding for just a soul to be won, then revisit worship class ( the word).

Jesus said ” if you love me, obey my commandment”.

Why is obedience so important in our worship?
When the devil tempted Jesus in Matthew 4 all the devil was looking out for was obedience. He wanted the second Adam to obey him by worshipping.

That is what he did to the first Adam, who obeyed and lost touch of his object of worship.

Let me pause here and take it one at a time.
I hope this will help change the way we see the ministry we’re in.

If you limit your worship just to songs, then know that lucifer was the best worshipper until iniquity was found in him. Then know that it’s not just what you sing, but your response to whom you sing to that is YOUR WORSHIP. God bless you.