How can you get hurt at Church?

How can you get hurt at Church?


When did you get disrespected at Church?

Who hurt you at Church?


Joining a church is like being part of a new family. Only that you are not a newborn baby. So you get to know what your church is all about.

Even though it is fun knowing new people, or merging with old friends in church. There are very unpleasant scenes that can shake your faith in the house of God. Amazingly, many get hurt in the church for so many reasons. These things the bible speaks against, but the church still practice. Some of these include; Hypocrisy, Gossips, Malice, Jealousy, Pride, Fornication, Adultery, and many more.

When negative practices like these operate in the church, it has the tendency of breaking many.

Naa’s Confession:

I was a committed member of my church at Kasoa for more than 8 years. I was blindsided by scandal. “There’s going to be an announcement,” a friend texted on our church youth page. She went on to share details of betrayal and moral failure: there had been an affair (Relating to a past mistake, I regretted indulging in and asked God for forgiveness). I couldn’t believe it. As I stood at the kitchen sink in shock, tears streamed down my face, and I suddenly felt lightheaded.

I had no verbal response for her announcement. She had just communicated the unthinkable. Instantly, trust was replaced with skepticism. Everything I thought I knew became a lie, and church was no longer the safe refuge I had once deemed it to be.

As I survey the current Christian landscape of #ChurchToo hashtags, accusations, and resignations I imagine that many have found themselves or are now finding themselves in a similar place. Amid the ruins of a once flourishing congregation are individuals. Ones who have lost their hope, left the church, or abandoned their faith altogether.

Although the despair of church hurt is overwhelming, there is hope. For God will give us “beauty for ashes”Isaiah 61:3.

You also find many blessings after you experience hurts in the church. Like discovering others who have also been hurt and healed with time to encourage you.

And always remember, its not about them, its about God.