How do you educate your child…?

God has placed parents in charge of their children (Colossians 3:20). This was the protective order from the beginning, which is also seen in animals. Like animals take it upon themselves in training their younger ones, it is equally important for parents to do their part in making their children become responsible adults (2 Timothy 1:5; 3:15).  

The best teachings you can ever give your child, is in the guidance of the Bible. But it is well planted in them, when you actually abide with it as a parent. 

Below are some easy steps to follow to promote a healthy growth for your child and home.

  • Make it easy for your child to talk to you- Be fast to listen, slow to speak (James 1:19). This will make them comfortable expressing themselves.
  • Try to understand what they really mean- Sometimes you have to look beyond your child’s words in order to understand them. Since it’s absolutely normal for your child exaggerating stuffs sometimes.
  • Teach your child to respect you (Proverbs 1:8)– This is only possible when both parents are united. Try having your arguments in private, not in the midst of your child. Since these can undermine your child’s respect for both of you.

  • Have a plan- Discipline your child in the right ways. Where discipline should not mean continuous punishment, but also helping your child know right from wrong and the reasons behind them (Proverbs 28:7). This helps them develop a healthy conscience as a growing individual.

It is always an honor to see your child grow upright. Most importantly, in the love of God.

children are your legacy, invest in their well-being…