How Do You Receive?

Read: Matthew 11:11-15

But as many as received him, to them gave he power…


In order to gain the maximum benefit from a CD, you must listen to it with a vision of eventually receiving an impartation of the anointing. Listen to the same CD several times. In my experience, this is different from listening to many different tapes of the same minister.

At different levels of receptivity you progress in the impact of the Word of God on you, your ability to reproduce the message, and you learn how to preach and teach in the same anointed manner. At a deeper level, you absorb the Word and at the same time begin to absorb the anointing and Spirit of the message. At this level, stay with the CDs you enjoy. Listen to tapes unconsciously and listen to them whilst praying and fasting. Allow yourself to receive the gift of God that is ministering to you. You must be open to the man of God who is ministering. You must receive him with admiration and with love, otherwise, you will get nothing from him or through him.

At the highest level of receptivity, the transfer of an entire ministry gift takes place. Often an anointing which is on the speaker is transferred to you. Like John the Baptist and Elijah, similarities emerge between your ministries because the same anointing has been transferred. John the Baptist carried Elijah’s anointing. Both of them had dramatic ministries and both of them confronted kings. Both of these men were familiar with deserts and solitude. They wore the same type of garments and lived simply. Both of them had their ministries terminated by queens

By Dag Heward-Mills.