How do you plan to succeed?

A lot of us leave things to chance but if you want to succeed, understand success is planned for it is not by accident.

The word Principal means something important or of great value.From Proverbs 4:7;simply explains that your pursuit in life would be meaningless without wisdom.

The difference between success and failure is wisdom.You are wisdom away from your desired results therefore the key to open your way out of your problem is wisdom.

Proverbs 3:19 and Psalm 19:1-3 speaks of God’s creative power which is founded on wisdom.The language of the universe is wisdom,and our ability to understand and interact effectively determines how well we succeed in life.

There are Dimensions of wisdom which are;-

1. The Spiritual- Psalm 111:10 , Job 28:28 – This influences the many other dimensions of wisdom. Wisdom comes from God;specifically the fear of the Lord. It is not you being afraid but having reverence or having respect unto God.

2. The Psychological or mental – This deals with deep understanding about life and how life works.

3. The Technical or practical dimension – This deals with the skill to get things done in a way that would yield the expectant results and creating solutions to the problems in life ; Exodus 31:3, Exodus 35:25&26

4. Governmental or Administrative – This dimension touches on the ability to rule with equity and fairness, to control effectively and efficiently; Deuteronomy 34:9.

5. Self government – works in our ability to lead and control ourselves Proverbs 6:6. How well you govern yourself shows the things that would come to you.

The things you observe, the instructions you follow determines how much wisdom you acquire. Develop the ability to learn from weak things.

Get connected to instructions from the word of God. Also know that the events of life gives us an opportunity to observe things.

The number one book of instruction for us believers is the word of God.

What to do for Wisdom according to Proverbs 4:5-8?

Wisdom is likened to a woman in the book of Proverbs.

1. Get wisdom- passionately pursue wisdom

2. Love, Cherish and care deeply for wisdom- when you appreciate things, they draw your attention

3. Price highly and exalt her

4. Do not forget wisdom

5. Do not forsake wisdom