How Man Became A Living Soul Pt 2 By Derek Prince

The Scripture says the Lord “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” I relate that word breathed with emphasis because the Hebrew word is a powerfully descriptive word.

Hebrew is a very vivid language. The sound of the words is related to the action they describe. Where it says, “He breathed,” in Hebrew it says napach. Phonetically the p sound in that word is plosive, and it is followed by a prolonged ch sound. If you are familiar with phonetics, you know that a plosive is a letter that requires an “explosion” to make it. English has only one good plosive letter, which is p. If you say the word pepper, for instance, you will see that each p is a little explosion. Then there is the ch sound, which no ordinary English speaking person can say (except for the Scots, who can say it in such words as loch). It is a sound missing from our English vocabulary. It is a long, breathed-out, drawn-out sound that contains a sense of dynamic energy.
So when God breathed into man, there was first an explosion and then a long, outgoing breath. In other words, God did not just breathe languidly into that body of clay. He breathed Himself into it. He imparted Himself. Through that breath God came in, and that piece of clay was marvelously, miraculously transformed into a living human body. It became a human person with all the faculties that you and I enjoy. The brain, the heart, the lungs-every organ started to function. Doctors tell us one human eye has more than three million working parts. If you can believe that happened by accident, you can believe things I cannot! I have no doubt that the mind of God was breathed into that clay and directed the clay to become what God intended it to be. And so, out of that breath came a living human being.
Because of our origin, I believe we have an eternal, divine destiny. That light in us cannot die; it is the light of God. This is a solemn thought for all of us because it means we will never cease to exist. We have, therefore, only two alternatives: We can exist in the presence of God, or we can exist in eternal banishment from the presence of God. Each one of us is going to experience one or the other of those choices. We are eternal-for better or for worse.
The Tables Start to Turn
That is our origin. That is where we came from. Do you begin to see that you hold a special place in all of God’s created world? The materials of our beginning may have been humble, but we were formed and molded by the hand of God and then inbreathed by the very breath-the Spirit-of God. If we do not fully realize the implications of this truth, we will never find fulfillment. If we do not realize how inexpressibly valuable we are to God, we can never become what He intends us to become.
Granted we have mistreated this divine workmanship, we have failed to appreciate it, we have squandered God’s amazing creation in unrighteous living, in foolish enjoyments and in sinful pleasures, but we are still made in the likeness and image of God. It should not be surprising, therefore, to find that Satan, now banished from his glorious position, looked on this created being with malicious hatred. He waited for the right time to try to destroy this divine workmanship. Then one day in the Garden, his opportunity came.
-You Matter To God