How much do you know about Meekness?

Did you know you can be meek but in charge of all things?

Meekness is having or showing a quiet and gentle nature. Meekness does not mean you are weak whiles being in charge does not mean being aggressive.

12 things about meekness you should know are;

1. It is a fruit of the spirit according to Galatians 5:22-23;God wants us to work on ourselves to get to the level of perfection.

2. Being gentle which also means to be kind and submitted before God and also being gentle,teachable and forgiving. Gentleness does not boast Matthew 21:5 and Matthew 11:28-29.

3. Meek people are patient.

4. Meek people can suffer injustice – They do not seek revenge when someone does them wrong.

5. Being meek does not mind being criticized.

6. When you are meek, you put others before yourself.

7. If you are meek you are not weak.

8. Meek people allow themselves to be taken advantage of- The first times they let go and do not hold on to it but they do not allow it to repeat the second time.

9. People who are meek speak discretely,they are not timid but they speak their mind.

10. They do not engage in unnecessary arguements.

11. They do not defend themselves.

12. Meek people are content and at rest ;they do not try to be who they are not.

Some few examples of meek people in the Bible include;

1. Moses – Numbers 12:1-3

2. Jesus – Luke 9:54

3. Stephen – Acts 7:60