How nutrients help your skin

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Year after year, people are beginning to change their perspectives on health and lifestyle. Some prefer to go the medicinal way and others prefer the natural way. The very trendy options that is making its waves all through Asia, Europe and America is the Cosmetic Surgery.

I personally feel this method is really not necessary. Because, it has managed to change the main focus of beauty. It has also pushed people into creating unrealistic images of themselves.

However, there are others who take healthy steps to maintain their image and overall wellbeing.

It is really not easy to keep up with daily lifestyle routines. Sometimes, you just want to have a break. Especially, when it comes to products we use on our bodies. To keep it moist, youthful and firm.

Amazingly, all the expectations we have when using these products are not met. This is because, the ingredients in the products do not work alone. On the contrary, they work hand in hand with other nutrients found in food and drinks we consume. To achieve our expected results.

The foods we consume are really helpful to our bodies. Since they are packed with nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and strong.

The section below shows nutrients found in some foods we eat. As well as their benefits to our bodies.

Vitamin A

Protects against infection, Slows skin aging, Evens skin tone, Clears up acne

Vitamin B

Removes wrinkles and fine lines, Promotes glowing and healthy skin, Corrects hyper pigmentation, Controls acne breakouts.

Vitamin C

Protests skin from sun damage, Reduces under eye circles, Prevent dry skin.

Vitamin D

Promotes skin cell growth and weight loss, Works as a sunblock for the skin.

Vitamin E

Prevents Skin Cancer and Itching, Heals body wounds and fades scars.

Vitamin K

Controls Stretch marks, Spider veins, Scars, Dark spots and circles.


Heals rashes and sores, Clears Dandruff in hair and Relieves Scalp Itching.


Strengthens skin, Promotes skin rejuvenation, Protect fragile and dry skins.