How prepared are you to meet the unexpected

Have you ever thought of how your soul will feel when you suddenly meet your death without you accomplishing what you were supposed to do or fulfil your purpose on earth?

Maybe you had a plan of meeting a high rank personnel, to start up a business or you even thinking of answering to the call of Christ at a particular age, day, time, week, month or year, then you unexpectedly meet your death.

What would become of you when you are not fortunate to be given a second chance on earth to finish what you started or even fulfil what is expected of you?

Life is too short and full of unexpected things. Don’t give chance to the misfortune you meet in life before you will regret how you led your life. Had I known is always at last.

Time can never be measured and it’s not also a friend to anyone neither would it be on anyone’s side. So begin what you are to do tomorrow, today and stop procrastinating and have a good rest with much fulfilment at heart on the dee-day. Time waits for no man.

If you are not able to make it work today when you have the opportunity, don’t miss it, you can never have it again. Now! is the time and the chance that awaits you to do what is expected of you and avoid the regret when the unexpected happens.

I advise you to take up the cross of Jesus now and accept Him into your life, for He is the only person who can help you achieve your desires and also exempt you from the unexpected. Give your life to Him and He will save you. Christ is the answer.