How the Principle of Ask and You shall be Given works

In John 16:23&24 Jesus told the disciples not to pray to him but to his father because he us our intercessor and mediator our advocate before God.

The only way to approach the father is through Jesus and  in the teachings of Jesus in the Lords prayer he says our father who is in heaven so what ever you ask the father in his name he will do.

There is nothing too hard for the Lord. We belong to a God who answers prayers and all we have to do is to believe.According to Ephesians 3:14 – we are a part of Gods family to us, he is God and our father.

John 16:24 teaches us that, in the name of Jesus nothing is impossible but all things are possible.
We serve a God who is able to open the red sea, who stopped time in the Bible.If he was able to do all these he can do all you can possibly think of.

You can come in confidence knowing you would have answers to prayer 1st John 5:14, 15, 1st Peter 5:17- God has particular interest in you; just as we care for our babies God does same for you.

You are not supposed to worry according to Ephesians 5:20 instead of worrying bless God, thank him , celebrate him because worrying is a hindrance to prayer.

Be full of joy even when circumstances don’t seem so…walk by faith and not by sight. Instead of complaining cast all your cares on him and give thanks to God.

Rejoice before your answer comes. A farmer does not plant a seed and worry about how it would grow, that should be your testimony. Don’t carry your own burden.

when you pray don’t continue to worry about your problem the laws of gravity does not limit God he defies all laws when he wants to answer your prayer he can defy all laws to get you what belongs to you.