How to avoid reproach towards God? Use this method.

Our praise is very vital for the move of God in our lives,and in Psalm 22:3 admonishes us that, without praises God has no habitation.We as believers revoke resident permit when we do not praise God.

when we praise and worship God we give him an invitation he cannot refuse.When we pray, he answers but wen we worship, he steps into our situation.

when the hand of God is stretched satanic agents are shaken therefore it is good to invite the hand of God into our affairs.

It is time to praise him and give him the chance to operate in our lives. Until you are grateful to God you cannot be faithful because any seed sown in ingratitude falls on the rock and does not receive result.

when we refuse the hand of God, we frustrate God in his dealings with us.ungratefulness is an indication of spiritual blindness.

The best thing to do is to maintain a high frequency of gratefulness to God instead of complaining about everything. Also,learn to lift your hands to the lord no matter the valley you are trapped in, for your praise would raise you out.

Your praise brings an unstoppable influence over your life as a believer therefore learn to praise God.

As a minister of praise,When you carry charisma and you do not undergo tutelage you end up bringing reproach to the work of God.

Genesis 21:1&2 speaks of God visiting Sarah and performing the word which he spoke concerning Sarah’s destiny;know that the visitation of God can erase a reproach. Sarah suffered reproach from many and even her household but just a visit from God changed her story.

Just a visit from God through your praise can tremendously effect a change in your life just as Sarah’s life changed and brought Glory to God.