How to handle people as a minister

As a minister of the Gospel, it is required that you be nice, kind, gentle and very friendly. Drawing people close is very essential for this work, if you mean to have solid nurturing of souls and impart lives with the message of Grace. However, please beware of FAMILIARIST. They are people who love taking people for granted. They stink of familiarity. In being close to you the loose sight the other important side of you, which is you as a minister and Shepherd of God’s flock. Such folks, when they get the opportunity to get close, they forget that you are still that anointed minister the admired from afar. They talk anyhow, act and react anyhow without honor and consideration.

Avoid such people, not because your demand for “respect” but to protect them and make it Easier for them to receive what God has deposited in your for them, they need it. Note, there are some that genuinely love and admire you and will feel pampered and more easy and at home around you- they may tease and play around you, it’s hearty, but they never lose sight of what is in you and the spiritual role you play in their lives, neither do they cease to relate with you on the levels of ministry and all. Such you can train and coach them to master the art of being around a minister. They make good hands. But some, you just have to nicely avoid them for their own good. Especially if you see that they’re suffering from FARMILIARITY.

Even in Choosing A Wife Of A Husband as a minister of the Gospel, do well not to settle for someone who suffers from familiarity. Remember, you will need someone who will be able to respond to you as a sweetheart with all affections and still be able to also uphold the other part of you as a minister of the Gospel and a Shepherd of God’s flock. You are a two in one person! I Call You Blessed!