How to maintain a happy relationship?- Myles Monroe.

His wonderful teachings on relationships brings out points and facts.
He explained something interesting in one of his videos which I would love to share with you.

He said;A man doesn’t want respect, he needs respect. A man does not need love. No where in the bible does it ever say woman, love your husband. It’s never in the bible.

Why? Because a man needs respect, not love. A man interprets respect as love.
When a woman tells you she loves you, it doesn’t do anything to you as a man, think about it. But when she respects you, you know she loves you.

Ephesians chapter 5:23-33 says; “husband, love your wife”. It tells a man to love a woman but never tells a woman to love a man. But it does say; “wives, respect your husbands.” God knows what he made.

Now, What is respect?

The women who crave for respect hardly get married because they’ve got it all wrong. What they need is rather love. How do you respect a man?

The secret lies in the definition of the word. Respect means to speak highly of, to hold in high regard or to praise. You need to respect your husband, more than you do anybody else and man, you need to love your wife more than you do any other woman.

Let me tell you what hurts a man in a church. You respect your pastor more than him. Its time you come to a realization that you are not married to your pastor.
Now I know, that it’s tough to find something in him to praise. I’m not naive, but the bible says; do it.
Even if your husband is not the ideal man, you are supposed to help him become that.

He might not know the bible like you do. He might not know how to compliment or how to surprise a woman or even how to communicate. Teach him. Tell him; “baby, let’s have devotions”, “baby, come lets chat”, “honey, come let me show you a new trick”.

You say to him why can’t you find Corinthians? Why are you so slow on the bible? Why can’t you do what all men are doing? Have you tried all men? You are not helping the guy?

You are demeaning his ego, you are destroying his pride, no wonder he doesn’t want to do devotions anymore. You got to get him a bible.

When he can’t find a chapter, motivate him. Tell him; “honey you can do it, I know you can, I also can’t find it straight away, it takes time, go on baby” and when he finds the chapter, cheer him till he succeeds in getting to the verse.

That’s the way to go.