How to minister in spirit and in truth (music ministers)

1) Pray before any ministration, if possible fast for your ministrations ministers and avoid sin.

2) Be addicted to the word of God. In fact memorize them.

3) Do not take any ministration with levity. All ministration in the church are VERY important to God.

4) Do not seek for human appreciation or glorification before or after your ministration. Only God can appreciate you if you have put in your very best.

5) Learn new songs, new ways of praising God. In fact learn an instrument or two.

6 ) Be creative with your songs and the way you play your instrument. The bible records David played skilfully in the bush.

7) Rehearse, Rehearse and do more rehearsals. David was always playing in the bush that was his way of rehearsing.

8) Do not compete, competition leads to strife and hatred. It means you are ministering from the flesh. You are unique.

9) Do not be envious of other people. Only you cannot do the work of God. Remember the sky is wide enough for the bird to fly without touching one another.

10) Do not have the mind to “show” or impress people when ministering. If you do that, you already have your rewards.

11) Do not be discouraged or feel bad if you are not allowed to minister on a Sunday or special service. All ministrations, no matter the day, are the same before God.

12) Do not be discouraged about the few number of people under your ministration, God doesn’t work with multitude.

13) Do not think you are the best when you have larger number of people under your ministration. Just pray that God moves during your ministration.

14) Develop yourself, personal development is the key. There is no limit to development, even if you have waxed a million album, there are still rooms for development.

15) Take advice from people, also take corrections. However everyone may not like you. Even it is not everybody that likes God.

16) Make sure you do according to this write up. God bless you!