How to Tithe to Guarantee Your Blessings

Tithes are your covenant obligation and in Isaiah 35:3,there are places filled with riches that has to help you fulfill your destiny.

As you breathe in and out,it is the same way giving and receiving works.

The secrets that causes us to walk in God’s riches belongs to believers. In Mark 4:11,outsiders are termed unbelievers and Christians that are living in sin too Revelations 22:15.

2nd Peter 2:22 described Christians who come to God to cleanse them and go back to sin and likened them to dogs in this scripture.

God wants you to stop living in sin therefore when you come to him, he takes out the sinful heart and replaces it with his word. The secret of God are for those who are living a righteous life.

The tithes of your income is not yours but belongs to God.Leviticus 27:30 says your tithe is your covenant obligation and Leviticus 27:31 says if you use your tithes you must pay an interest on it. When you spend your tithe, you steal from God;Proverbs 6:30.

The devil takes from you if you withhold your tithes in so many ways like bringing sicknesses your way, making you waste the money on other things too. Malachi 3:7&8 admonishes us that, tithing does not enrich God but it is meant to establish your covenant obligation which is 10% of your income that belongs to God.

Some of us are not satisfied with the 90% and spend it all but as a child of God,be faithful with in your tithe for he who is faithful in a little,God gives him much.

God wants you to be a pipeline for blessings to flow through you;Hebrews 7:5-7 and Isaiah 51:1-3.

Genesis 15:18-23 speaks of the life of Abraham and makes us understand that God was the source of Abraham’s riches.

Know that your destiny is not in any man but in God.