How to Understand Desperate Prayers

Having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention; is just a few ways of understanding what being desperate means. So is there a need for desperate prayers to help believers war in the spiritual realm.

The Secret to Desperate Prayers According to 1st Samuel 1:13-15 is that;

1. Desperate prayers attracts attention of God

2. This kind of prayers Make you behave like a drunkard

3. This is a Prayer that comes out of the result of the outpouring of your soul

4. Desperate prayers are done out of the abundance of complains or grief

5. This is a prayer that releases answers

6. They are prayers that silences your mockers

7. Desperate Prayers are that which moves you from mockery to miracle and from insult to results

8. It also Provokes a prophetic word

9. They are Prayers that makes you find Grace in the sight of God

10. Desperate prayers Wipes all tears in your soul