How to understand the Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationship (Loyalty, Reliability and Understanding

Unlike companies, relationships do not come with a written contract or document. It never spells out anything or defines loyalty and reliability.

Yet, both parties assume that this commitment of loyalty will be honored. So you see, loyalty doesn’t only mean physical fidelity, but emotional devotion. There is a pretty durastic difference but sometimes pair-able.

Take for example you are a shop attendant;
Your customers must move from loving you to being loyal to you, because your customers can love you without being loyal to you. If your customers are loyal to you, they buy more, and then they recommend you to other people.

The married ones will bear with me that the marriage certificate doesn’t say don’t call other men after “9pm”, nor does it say make your husband your priority; it is the preacher that tells you that.

You couples saying I do, kind of registers in your mind that you are hoping to keep your side of the bargain. So marriage can be said to be a hopeful event, in which you remain in there hoping your partner will honor their side of the bargain.

Unlike a company, no written proposal comes in for you to read the terms and conditions of the agreement before you sign.

Nobody can hold you responsible because its word of mouth. When it comes to government it is binding, but in a relationship you are only accountable to the partner.

That is why whatever a politician utters in a campaign ground is binding. “You said you will give one million dollars to every constituency”. Binding even when there is no documentation to show for it.

You are held accountable in your relationship because of your words. “I will never leave you”, “i will always be with you”. So when you breakup, she says “you said you will never leave me”. Accountability!