How well do you understand Mercy?

Matthew 5:7  speaks about showing Mercy. The Greek name for Mercy is Elimoh. Mercy means to show compassion on someone you can punish or harm.
Mercy can also mean an event to be grateful for because its provides a relief from suffering.
Mercy is performed out of the desire to relieve suffering according to Hebrews 2:17&18.
Also Mercy and compassion goes together and  psalm 136:1 teaches that through mercy we get salvation you can also refer to Titus 3:5.
Mercy is another name of God as shown in psalm 103:17.
His mercy has caused us to be saved Proverbs 3:3

Areas where we show mercy –

1. We can show mercy in doing good;just like the  good samaritan story where all others found the wounded man but still passed by without offering any help.
Know that there is a difference between showing pity and showing mercy. Pity is when somebody comes to you with a problem and needs help but you do nothing to help but mercy goes all the way to offer help.
2. Show mercy in judgement and learn to forgive others
3. Show mercy to the saints
4. show mercy to those in darkness particularly to those in the world who don’t know Christ.
5. Be merciful and don’t over worry if others are not merciful
The worse form of poverty is not being without food or clothes but being without having Christ so Show mercy when people don’t Galatians 6:9.
Be merciful to forgive people their past. Christ is able to forgive yours you can do same.