How you contact germs outdoors

It is really interesting to know that we are not always safe outdoors. Due to the number of germs and dirt we get in contact with daily. Unfortunately, kids get the most affected due to the way they easily touch and lick surfaces or objects.

Hence, it is necessary to know places or things that gets us and our families in contact with germs. In order to prevent or protect everyone in the end.

Hand Dryers

Anytime you flush the toilet, droplets of bacteria flies out into the bathroom air. This happening is scientifically known as “toilet plume”. Wondering where those germs go? They spread all over toilet surfaces including hand dryers. A new study reveals that hand dryers spread germs with every blast of air. In this case, your safest option now would be the very old paper towel method.

Swimming Pools

Chlorine in swimming pools does not kill every germ. Putting everyone at risk of an infection. For safer care, do not swallow any pool water into your mouth.


Many go to the gym to stay fit, without realizing the huge number of germs they get in contact with. This is due to bacteria spreading from our skin to anything we touch. And from surfaces back to the body. So sweating during exercising, releases a lot out. The germs fall on the surfaces and when not cleaned, stay there and get to the next user.

Restaurant Menu

Most food menus have more germs than that of a toilet seat. This is as a result of many people touching them. And the possibility every hand that touch these menus are unclean is high. It is advisable to wash or sanitize your hands after making you order. And do not place your cutlery on the menu.

Shopping Carts

You might pick up way more than just a loaf of bread at the store. Your cart’s handle could be home to 11 million microorganisms, including some from raw meat. And just think about all the dirty diapers on that seat — the same one you put your produce on. Many stores offer antibacterial wipes these days. Use them.

Hotel Rooms

There are many unclean stuffs in a hotel room. Starting from the door handles, to the pillows, the TV remote, drinking glass, telephone, etc. This is due to the number of different people who have had contact with them. Obviously, not everyone is neat to the extent of keeping most stuffs in a hotel room clean. Your best option would be to use an anti-bacterial gel or wipes more on surfaces you suspect could be tempered with. And wash things like drinking glasses before using them.

ATM Machines

finger pressing atm button

From the keypads, cash redraws, and bank doors used by customers, we contact various kinds of germs. It is believed that the flu of a virus can live on a currency note for up to 17 days! Since no one uses gloves when handling money, the obvious is expected. However, ATM companies have plans of using antimicrobial glass instead of touch screens. In order to fight colds and flu. 

All the information above doesn’t need to make you a neatness freak. It is just to make you aware of your environment. In order to limit your exposure to things that can attack your health. As well as that of your family and friends.