How to Learn Faster? Do This…

When the mind is preoccupied with criticisms, it has no space for learning and understanding.

One of the barriers to effective interpersonal communication, is to be ineffective in listening and you have to bear with me that the biggest obstacle to effective listening, is the “habit” of continually and immediately pronouncing judgement on whatever is being said.

In 1977, two Boeing 747 jumbo jets ran intround in Tenerife, killing 576 people. Their mistake? One pilot judged that the order given to him to wait, was time waiting and he didn’t need to follow it while the other pilot assumed that the order given to him to turn off at third intersection meant third *unblocked* intersection. He was still on the runway assuming, when the “judgy”one run directly into him.”_ That is what ineffective communication can cause.

You see;Before you say something, you need to think about it and before you react on something, reason on it, but even before you think about it and reason on it, you should have been able to listen to it contentedly, critically or emphatically without assumptions and criticisms.

Ask questions if you don’t understand anything during a conversation and ask for a repeat if you skip or don’t hear something.

It is a systematic formula. Nobody begins education from the university, no child walks before crawling. Which person has been recorded to have began learning from operation? Never! We start from sucking breast.
Listen by paying attention, ponder over the information, then deliver.