I'm not putting pressure on him to be a singer or TV star


Haddon, the 41 years old gospel singer-song writer and minister took to social media yo announce that he was expecting his first son this summer after having two girls. He spoke to Oxygen about what he expects to teach his future son, Deitrick Haddon Jr.

” I’m not putting pressure on him to be a singer or TV star. He doesn’t have to do any of those things,” Haddon told Oxygen, ” I’ll tel him that whatever he does, he has to be great”. However if the next generation’s Deitrick Haddon decides to follow in his footsteps, the minister and musician is prepared to warn him against it.

” I’ll say ‘get outta here! Be a doctor or a lawyer! Don’t do what your daddy did’,” Haddon said.  “Okay if he tells me that he was called to it ,that he wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about tit ,then i’ll surrender and help him get a good lead start. But, gospel music is not an easy career choice.”

Earlier this month, Deitrick ‘s wife, Dominique, also took to social media to express how God answered her family’s prayer for a son while thanking those who have shown support.

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