“I KNOW WHO I AM” By Dr. Cindy Trimm

Something happened in my spirit and I definitively knew who I was and what I was called to do. I stopped looking for people to define my life for me and I began a journey with God that is cumulating and it is a journey of self-discovery. In Job 32:8 “But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” The bible says in Genesis 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” When God formed man, He breathed the breath of life (Nashama) into man and man became a living soul. The word inspiration and breath in Hebrew means “Nashama”.


The word of God speaks the mind and intention of God. The bible says all scriptures were given by inspiration, it is given by the breath of God. The wind and the breath speak of the intention and the mind of God. When God created man, He breathed into His nostrils. The bible says we should lift up our voice like a trumpet in Zion. In order words, God has expressed Himself in you, He has voice printed you. Your DNA and everything about you has voice printed, He expressed Himself in you, now you have to express yourself in the word. But what happens is this, somehow through life, we get one situation after another and one challenge after another and every now and then, we need someone to carry a breath of fresh air and when we talk about carrying the breath of fresh air we are talking about someone who represents God Himself, the voice of God, the intention of God, someone that can put our lives back into order.


Sometimes we go through life and our LIVES are MIS-ALIVE, we have the sense that something is wrong, we may not be able to articulate what is wrong but something is MIS-ALIVE, we don’t feel like ourselves, we don’t know who we are but we don’t feel like ourselves. What we don’t recognize is that we need our soul refreshed. The bible says man became a living soul, in order words you don’t have a soul but you are a soul. When we talk about individual from the perspective of their soul, we are talking about being able to understand who that person is. God is the God of restoration, He raised men of God not only to address your spirit but to address your soul. The moment you lose your soul is the moment you lose control over your body.


One important part of who you are is your soul, if you fail to nurture your soul, you will be failing to nurture yourself because your soul houses your mind, your will and your emotion. Many a times we are going on a journey called life and we are emotionally bankrupt. Sometimes we lose touch with Who We Really Are. When we are ask WHO ARE WE? Many of us will begin to define ourselves based on the role we play or titles we have but that’s not who you are but God wants to give you understanding of Who You Are. You can fix your body but if you don’t fix your soul you are losing in touch with WHO YOU ARE. Many of us have the ability to embrace other people but refused to embrace ourselves because we really don’t know WHO WE ARE.


The assignment of the men of God is to reconnect you to Who you really are in Christ Jesus so that you will no longer define yourself based on external looksee or control. If you don’t know who you are and the people around you don’t know who they are, they can never help you discover your destiny. It is time to tell yourself “I Know Who I am.” The God that breath in the inside of you is waiting to express Himself in the outside of you. Knowing who you are is critical to your personal growth, Knowing who you are is critical to your spiritual growth. Knowing who you are is critical to select your spouse, your career path, occupation, yourself discovery. If you know who you are, you will eliminated all suicidal thoughts. Nobody can define who you are, you are what God say you are.  When God controls your mind, your will and your emotion, He restores your soul and He defines Who You Are to the world.


When you know who you are, people will no longer control you. You will no longer be under bondage to the devil if you know who you are, you will no longer be define by circumstances if you know who you are. Life will no longer happen to you but you will happen to life if you really know who you are.  When you Know Who You Are, it doesn’t mean you will not be challenged by life, when you know who you are, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that you might not have to struggle with the doctor’s report, when you know who you are, it doesn’t mean you may not have financial struggles. And when You Know Who You Are, you are able to live inside out, you are able to bring into bare your true nature. There is a spirit in man that gives the inspiration of the Almighty. When people get you wrong, it is not their responsibility to define Who You Are, it is yours. The solution to Who You Are is in the inside of you.