I Need Your Vision, You Need Mine

I Need Your Vision, You Need Mine by myles munroe
August 17

The corporate vision in which your personal vision will ultimately be fulfilled might be that of a company, a church, a nonprofit organization, or even your own family. That is why, when you hear of something that is related to your vision, you should pay attention to it, because it may be that you’re supposed to attach yourself to it. You yourself may be given the corporate vision, such as starting a business or organizing a community project. Yet none of us is meant to complete our visions on our own.


The joy of God’s plan for personal and corporate vision is that nothing we are born to do is to be done by ourselves or for ourselves. If you and I are part of the same corporate vision, then I need your vision, and you need mine. I’m not involved in the work that I’m doing to build a name for myself.


My life’s work is to complete the assignment God gave me. Every member of my staff and organization has a part to play in our vision. My part is to stir up their individual dreams, and their part is to stir up mine.


When we stir up each other’s visions, the divine deposit of destiny starts flowing.


Vision generates vision. Dreams always stir up other dreams. You need people around you who believe in dreams that are even bigger than your own so you can keep stirring up your vision. There are too many other people who will tell you to settle down and do nothing. Yet no matter where you came from, where you’re going is better.


Father, help me to stir up the dreams and visions of those around me. I want to be open to their plans and to receive their encouragement as well. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Thought: None of us is meant to complete our visions on our own.


Reading: Psalm 97–99; Romans 16


-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional (Myles Munroe)