John 19:28
After this Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfil the scripture), “I thirst.”

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Here hangs the beauty of Heaven, the glory of Zion and the Father’s pleasure.

Jesus Christ, the beloved of the Father panting and longing for water.

And so he pleads with his last energy and cries, I thirst.

The one who gives living water that we will never thirst again now hangs seeking a drop to quench his thirsty soul.

Jesus had been hanging on the cross for several hours bleeding profusely from the scourging and beatings.

He had lost so much blood from the piercing nails on his hands and foot as well as from the crown of thorns.

Yet to fulfill all scripture and prophecy, he cried, ‘I thirst, I thirst.

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The well of salvation hanged on the cross dehydrated.

The well of hope couldn’t breathe, his shoulders ached and his mouth was parched and his throat was dry, ‘I thirst’

The rain of Heaven walked on the wilderness of suffering and his soul sought to be refreshed with just a drop of water, ‘I thirst’

And I believe that as he cried, I thirst, he was satisfying the broken relationship between humanity and divinity

As he cried, I thirst he was paying all the price of thirst so that we would be admitted to the place of no thirst(Rev. 7:16)

He thirsted to pass the test
He thirsted to bring us rest
He thirsted to ease our stress
He thirsted so we will not be distressed.

Come unto Him all ye that labour and are THIRSTY and He will give you REST and serve you with the LIVING WATER of life.

Beloved, Christ our wellspring beckons. Selah

Oh blessed lamb once slain
Will reign forever more
His hands once bound now save
Our God will never fail

He is Lord
He is Lord
Sings my soul
He is Lord
And He lives
Yes He lives
I’m alive cause Jesus lives

Song credit: Hillsongs

Source: www.praiselibrary.wordpress.com