I Want To Minister And Not Just Sing…

Recently, a young lady said to me, “Aunty Vickie, teach me how to “Minister” and not “Just Sing.” Obviously, she has discovered something most singers overlook or ignore.

There’s a big difference between ministering and singing. I believe anyone can mount a stage and sing anything, receive applause and it ends there. Another can also mount a stage, sing and leave a lasting impact on his/her audience long after the ministration is over.

What is the point when people clap and cheer for you, but leave untransformed?

We, musicians sometimes get so much into working hard on the skill that we forget to do the needful; thus living right, having a good and working relationship with God, etc.

I made a decision years ago to allow the Holy Spirit to influence and use my gift for His glory. And as I keep fellowshipping with Him, my ministrations have transformed.

Next week, I will share with you the 2 most important ingredients I believe every minister must know. Stay connected!!